The Race


  • 1 Team, 1 Car: 1 driver + 4 participants
  • 10 Clues
  • 10 Challenges
  • 4 Prizes
  • and 1 Massive After Party!



Auckland, New Zealand

how to setup your team

these are all requirements, guys and girls.


Make one at home or get one at the Look Sharp shop, it's up to you. Keep in mind you will have to complete the race with your costume on, so be sure to get something practical and lastly, choose a creative team name. You'll register with it on the day!
P.S.: For ideas, head over to our Gallery page.



Anyone with the heart to have fun and the mind to beat the rest.  14 and older.  Why? Because you have the clues will be hard and you need to be 1.5m and taller to finish physical challenges.



This is where the fun starts! Remember the Shark chasing the Hamburger through Auckland? Well, this year, you'll have your very own chance to do just that! A requirement for the race: decorate your car to match your theme. For ideas, head over to our Gallery Page.

Here’s what friends of mine did a few years ago.  Let’s create amazing memories like these in Auckland, New Zealand!



Auckland, New Zealand

Important Information For The Day

1.  Teams must arrive in their themed cars.  This is very important.  No other cars will be allowed at the event.  Your car needs to still theme decorated, but still roadworthy i.e. no mirrors may be covered, your two backseat windows need to be visible for blind spot checking and your indicators and break lights may not be covered.  If you have wings, etc. on the side of the car, ensure it folds in line/with the side of the car when you are driving and only opens up for display purposes when you arrive. 

2.  All five team members must travel in one vehicle.

3.  Please bring refillable water bottles instead of single-use plastic.  We want to leave as little waste as possible, during the event. 

4.  Should you have any specific requirements i.e. allergies, emergency medical information, or queries, please get in touch with us prior to the race to ensure we don’t serve you anything or put you in situations, that can cause you harm.  E-mail:  

5.  You are allowed to ask SIRI or Google or ‘phone a friend’ to help solve the clues.

6.  You may not ask anyone to complete the challenges, for you.  Only team members may complete challenges.

7.  There will be one instruction, other than the clues, that you MUST BE ON TIME for and MUST ATTEND, or you will not be acknowledged to have finished the race.  So wherever you are during the other challenges, ensure you plan to get there in time.

8.  All five team members must be on the red carpet, to lock in your position.

9.  Please bring cash/debit/credit cards for food and drink purchases at the After Party.  ID’s may be requested, as alcohol will be available for purchase.

10.  In the lead up to the event, team members will be required to:
10.1  Follow @aucklandamazingraceforcharity on Instagram, and
10.2  Like @aucklandamazingraceforcharity on Facebook



Auckland, New Zealand

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